Claiming Disability Allowance

In the UK, many people who are claiming DLA for their child are getting a low rate or being refused DLA altogether.
We can help with form filling, appeals etc.
This page will eventually show how to have more chance of making a successful claim.

If possible PLEASE call for help with your claim before filling and sending it in!
If you know anybody of ANY AGE making a claim for DLA, please pass them our number, we will assist anybody with making a claim 01823 652 886

INITIAL CLAIM REMEMBER - IN ALMOST ALL CLAIMS - DLA PAYMENTS WILL MAKE NO DIFFERENCE TO ANY OTHER BENFIT YOU RECIEVE. Tax credits, pensions, Income Support, Housing Benefit etc etc. It is NOT a means tested benefit, you will not have to provide ANY financial information A free call will put you through to the Benefit Enquiry Line. They will be able to send you a claim pack 0800 88 22 00 or 08457 123456
Your claim goes from the date you request the forms. When your forms come back, they will be dated from your initial request for the pack. If you make a successful claim, payment will be backdated to your claim date.

What are you are claiming for???
MOST claims for DLA on behalf of children with Nephrotic Syndrome fail because the person filling in the forms claim for Nephrotic Syndrome! Sounds crazy! It is...THE department of work and pensions will ONLY look at what you put on the forms, many children are in remission most of the time and so have no problems with NS.....BUT....They will be on treatment for many many months and the problems parents/carers have are MAINLY associated with the side-effects of the treatment. THIS is what the bulk of the claim will be dealing with.
The people who provide reports to the Dept. of work and pensions are only likely to give information about NS. They need to be with sending in the correct and relevant information, you need to speak to and put in writing to the named Doctors on your claim form WHAT YOUR PROBLEMS ARE Mood swings etc are NOT related to Nephrotic Syndrome, STEROIDS are! Speak to us to get advice on what you will ask the GP/Consultant/Nurse to include in your report.

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